[Toybox] Blogging...

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Nov 20 10:21:10 PST 2011

I have a longstanding habit of writing blog entries with big long stream
of consciousness technical ramblings about whatever thing I'm working on
today.  And lately, that's been toybox.

I've tried writing them to appropriate mailing lists before, but they
tend to get lost.  Mailing lists aren't as searchable (to me) as my
blog, and the mailing list archives have an annoying habit of going away
when severs get switched.  (Hopefully that won't happen again, but from
them.com to impactlinux.com to the old landley.net on the server in
Eric's basement to the new one at dreamhost, I've already lost three
sets of mailing list archives for aboriginal/firmware linux, toybox, and

I have my own mbox archives of what I got sent from these lsits, but
unfortunately gmail won't send me copies of my own posts to mailing
lists, because Google is insane and aarogant and goes "that's not a bug,
that's the behavior I personally want" no matter how many times you
explain to them why it's a problem for you.  And I've never figured out
how to get mailman to export and import mbox archives of the whole

So my point to this is you might want to go read:


(Or the relevant entries in http://landley.net/rss.xml if you have an
rss reader.)

And if you'd like to comment on it, feel free to do so here. :)


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