[Toybox] Android toolbox replacement status

enh enh at google.com
Wed Jun 29 15:36:15 PDT 2016

so, in slightly different form to the roadmap and with more detail,
here's the current status for remaining stuff to do...

  -- i don't have any known problems, but i'm assuming it'll get
rewritten when it moves out of pending, so i wanted to wait until the
dust settled. if you think the rewrite is sufficiently far out to make
this a bad plan, let me know and i'll write patches for some of the
feature requests i have pending (stuff that isn't in the BSD dd

  -- getevent/sendevent look like the obvious next thing for me to
look at, but i wondered what you want to do about
--- at the moment we take bionic's current uapi input headers at build
time and generate a bunch of arrays that let us translate back and
forth between codes and strings. i don't relish the prospect of
manually maintaining 1000 lines of constants in toybox. (maintaining
these large lists of kernel constants is the real problem with strace,
not the actual syscall interception!)

  -- toybox missing --color, but as long as  the point where this is
the only thing left i might just switch us over anyway. until then,
this isn't hurting anyone.

  -- this seems the most likely candidate to still be around in O.

  -- not obvious to me that i can write this without new
infrastructure or making a big mess of #if __ANDROID__ inside
  -- as an aside for anyone wondering, there's no good reason this
isn't in toolbox right now. there *used* to be, back when reboot
actually did the work and required capabilities, but when it was
rewritten to just forward to init, no one merged it back into toolbox.

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