[Toybox] 3efd6d9512ac8c9370d62fcaa08d31c28bba1810 broke ps without a tty

enh enh at google.com
Fri Feb 3 17:04:22 PST 2017

(i've been trying to find time to look at this for days, but it's time
to admit to myself that i won't and report what i've found...)

the new truncation code
looks great on a terminal, but has bad behavior if you're not:

./toybox nohup ./toybox ps -A -o
user:12=uid,pid,ppid,stime,tty,time,args=cmd ; ./toybox wc nohup.out

seems like we're padding to the bogus width of 99999 that's used for
non-tty output, but i haven't had time to investigate.

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