[Toybox] Style change for GLOBALS()

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Aug 22 18:01:46 PDT 2018

I'm thinking of making it so argument variables populated by lib/args.c have the
same name as the option (so "a#" has a corresponding 'long a') and changing the
"one per line" to allow them to be grouped. Still a blank line between arguments
and non-argument globals.

Right now it's inconsistent, recent commands like ping have TT.w and older ones
like sort have TT.key_separator.

So ping would have:

  long w, W;
  char *i, *I;
  long s, c, t, m;

  struct sockaddr *sa;
  int sock;
  long i_ms;
  unsigned long sent, recv, fugit, min, max;

sort would have:

  char *t;
  struct arg_list *k;
  char *o, *T, S;

  void *key_list;
  int linecount;
  char **lines;

And ps would start with:

  union {
    struct {
      struct arg_list *G, *g, *U, *u, *t, *s, *p, *O, *o, *P, *k;
    } ps;
    struct {
      long n, m;
      char *d;
      long s;
      struct arg_list *u, *p, *o, *k, *O;

      long d_ms;
    } top;
    struct {
      char *L;
      struct arg_list *G, *g, *P, *s, *t, *U, *u;
      char *d;

      void *regexes, *snapshot;
      int signal;
      pid_t self, match;
    } pgrep;

(And yes, figuring out how to move enough ps infrastructure into lib/ to break
up ps.c into at least 3 different command files is on my todo list. I think I
need some sort of "struct proc_data" that all the shared TT stuff at the end of
globals could fit in, passed in as an argument...)


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