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haroon maqsood maqsood3525 at live.com
Mon Aug 27 01:09:58 PDT 2018

Hi Rob,
I started working on fold.c cleanup,
going through the code, and testing it out, i have a couple of questions.

  1.  gnu fold engulfs \n unconditionally i.e if there is a \n after the fold has happend that redundant \n does not make it to the output , that kind of makes sense but the posix spec only mentions carriage returns and only if the -b option is not specified. (Note* That the current pending/fold outputs an extra new line.)
  2.  the current fold implementation has unfold capability , that i think should not be squeezed in fold (as of yet), my plan is to have unfold as a separate utility that uses infrastructure from fold if necessary, or at least make unfold as a config option, please share your thoughts on this.
  3.  The tabstop thing is bit confusing for me, as the posix spec says "Tab stops shall be at each column position n such that n modulo 8 equals 1." ( from this i understand that given the column the next column where the tab ends should be a column whose modulo 8 returns 1 , kind of this pseudo code ? where start is the current column. (am i understanding it right ?)

int get_next_ts(int start)
     if (start <= 1)
          return 9;

     if ((start % 8) == 1)
          return start;

     return get_next_ts(++start);

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