[Toybox] Another hundred "bounce action notifications" from gmail.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Feb 10 17:28:14 PST 2018

Gmail's false positive du jour was:


And once again it unsubscribed half the list. (Well, their subscriptions are
suspended for a week due to excessive bounces because the list because gmail
responds with 550, which mailmain treats as "retry", and after 10 bounces it
disables the subscription for 7 days.)

I think I'm just going to let it time out this time. And maybe add a FAQ entry
that using gmail for list traffic is unreliable with a link in the web archive
to every previous time I've complained about gmail and dreamhost fighting like
this. (I'm pretty sure there's over a dozen of them by now. Manually cleaning up
after this has old, and I don't have access to fix _either_ side of the server
config issue...)


P.S. Remind me to repair the holes in the web archive. I got contact info to
somebody at dreamhost tech support I can send the messages to, they're just
split up over my outbox, my inbox, and the toybox folder because gmail _also_
refuses to send me another copy of messages it thinks I've already "seen", so I
never get my own posts back through the list and when I'm cc'd the copy that
goes to my inbox is usually delivered slightly first sothe copy with the
list-id: tag that would go in the toybox folder is dropped. (So thread view in
mailing list folders is basically useless if I participated in the conversation.
Thanks gmail! This is why I lean on web archives so heavily, they filter out
spam by blocking non-subscribers instead of washing it through gmail to leverage
their huge live spam dataset. Clearly a double edged sword, but...)

Meh, cut the release first. And get my blog caught up. And convert the tofaq.txt
file into proper FAQ entries. _Then_ maybe worry about the mailing list...

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