[Toybox] TT.cwd unused in tar?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Mar 27 11:53:50 PDT 2019

On 3/26/19 5:00 PM, enh via Toybox wrote:
> (this is the background to the xabspath patch i just sent out...)
> i assume there's a future patch that actually _reads_ TT.cwd, so that

Sorry this is taking so long, I'm currently testing:

  mkdir bong
  tar c bong/../../README | hd | less

And the gnu/dammit one is not creating directory entries and is saving the
filename as just "README". Which implies I should apply the fileunderdir() logic
to _creation_ as well, but hack up some mutant tarballs that don't honor it for
the test suite. :)

If I readlink -f that path it gives me "home/landley..." with no leading / and
does so even if I mix a local file in the current directory and an absolute path
file in the same tarball. So absolute paths are an exception to stripping paths
from files not under cwd...


P.S. yes the xabspath() plumbing is already handling descending one or more
nonexistent directories and then .. your way back out. I did that when I wrote
readlink -f, but I just reconfirmed it and that make test_readlink has tests for
it. :)

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