[Toybox] 2019 May sitrep

enh enh at google.com
Fri May 24 16:09:58 PDT 2019


good news on the tar front: other than one caller (accidentally) using
--format=gnu, which i've fixed, i think we're good to go switching tar
over for the AOSP build. (though unfortunately i can no longer easily
do my "build almost everything" builds because a full crosshatch
checkbuild takes so long that the build servers time out.) if you're
still working on tar, though, let me know and i'll hold off switching
the build over until the dust settles :-)


aiui you still had some rewrite you wanted to do, so i'm holding off
on grep (both for the device and for the host) for now.


i haven't yet flipped back to the toybox sed because of I/O and time
off, but i'll do that as soon as i get back again.


i believe these are both ready for the build, but i need to update the
host prebuilt first. i'll do that as soon as i'm back too.


i've just sent you a patch adding -printf. i haven't actually tried
building AOSP with that yet, and i've only tested it manually, but it
looks plausible. like i said in the commit message, feel free to sign
me up for any additional work there.

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