[Toybox] Horrible microsoft github tests spamming me.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Aug 3 23:49:30 PDT 2020

I got email about https://github.com/landley/toybox/runs/940149373 in which one
of the cpio tests spuriously failed. I cannot cut and paste the failure because
microsoft github's crammed so much javascript into the reporting page that
doesn't work.

The last time cpio.c changed was april, the last time tests/cpio.test changed
was may, and the last time lib/* or any of the scripts/test plumbing changed was

The test failed for non-obvious reasons which look like a shell race condition
with | or something? The test is doing a dd to grab a specific byte offset out
of the file. and the chunk it's looking at starts 8 bytes too early to get a
match with what it expects. Is this a dd problem? Is the file longer with
spurious crap inserted earlier in it? Did the container's | insert extra data?
Who knows, I haven't a clue how to dig any of the build artifacts out of this
mess, but I got email about it.

I thought I was not going to get these emails, and am sad. And to add insult,
the github email says it's from "Rob Landley", which is very much not the case.


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