[Toybox] depmod & modprobe?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jun 8 06:32:57 PDT 2020

On 5/29/20 6:13 PM, scsijon wrote:
> ?and poked again (please), as i can't see anything in 0.83 's status page.

Thanks for the reminder poke.

I note that "apply this patch you haven't had time to review" and "do this work
that hasn't made it to the top of your todo list" are different bars.

One means "time's up, if nothing's obviously enough wrong with it to do anything
about so far then it can go in as-is, eat your quibbles and maybe add a note to
stare harder later to the to-do heap but for now it is time to get out of the way".

The other is "find some time/energy/focus to do this work now". In this case, I
need to not only review the depmod and modprobe code, I need to add module
support to the mkroot.sh base kernel config and come up with module tests to run
under there, which means I need to finish designing and implementing

That's not a "bite the bullet and spend 60 seconds Doing The Thing". That's not
even "clear half an hour and do some quick minor cleanups". That's "this is all
you're doing today, maybe tomorrow".


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