[Toybox] GitHub Action Example

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Jun 21 20:02:22 PDT 2020

On 6/20/20 9:56 AM, Eric Molitor wrote:
> I disabled builds on pull requests in the example which should discourage use.
> By default only project members are notified but you can add non-project members
> to the notifications. Currently the MacOS and GCC Ubuntu builds and tests are
> completing fine but there are issues with the ASAN Clang Ubuntu and Alpine
> builds. The latter is due to running in an unprivileged container.
> * ASAN Clang Ubuntu builds have two failures

Unfortunately the ASAN ndk build breaks for me because when I set up the
toolchain ala (3) in https://landley.net/toybox/faq.html#cross and do:

LDFLAGS=--static make distclean defconfig toybox

The static build breaks with:

error: cannot mix -static with dynamic object
toys/lsb/md5sum.c:416: error: undefined reference to 'sin'

> 2020-06-20T14:46:07.3520007Z PASS: grep -l trumps -C
> 2020-06-20T14:46:07.3822941Z scripts/runtest.sh: line 130: warning: command
> substitution: ignored null byte in input
> 2020-06-20T14:46:07.3823566Z FAIL: grep match after NUL byte

This one works for me with the android NDK-21b clang?

It fails with the musl build though, because the first fixup in lib/portability.h:

// For musl
#define _ALL_SOURCE
#define REG_STARTEND 0

never got fixed in musl:


But that's a known bug in musl.

Ahem, "design choice Rich made that regularly breaks people's code and has to be
worked around". He dislikes such things being called bugs because bug implies
mistake when he did it intentionally and has defended its preservation for
years, at length, over multiple objections:


> 2020-06-20T14:46:07.4062489Z PASS: grep implicit BRE |
> ...
> 2020-06-20T14:46:18.8829033Z PASS: sed \n too high
> 2020-06-20T14:46:23.9744710Z FAIL: sed megabyte s/x/y/g (5 sec timeout)
> 2020-06-20T14:46:23.9993359Z PASS: sed s i and I


$ bash -c 'X=x; Y=20; while [ $Y -gt 0 ]; do X=$X$X; Y=$(($Y-1)); done; echo $X
| toybox time toybox sed s/x/y/g | sha1sum'
real 0.513341
user 0.376000
sys 0.004000
138c1fa7c3f64186203b0192fb4abdb33cb4e98a  -

That's the musl binary...

$ bash -c 'X=x; Y=20; while [ $Y -gt 0 ]; do X=$X$X; Y=$(($Y-1)); done; echo $X
| ./toybox time ./toybox sed s/x/y/g | sha1sum'
real 0.313839
user 0.184000
sys 0.000000
138c1fa7c3f64186203b0192fb4abdb33cb4e98a  -

glibc binary...

$ bash -c 'X=x; Y=20; while [ $Y -gt 0 ]; do X=$X$X; Y=$(($Y-1)); done; echo $X
| ./toybox time ./toybox sed s/x/y/g | sha1sum'
real 0.555019
user 0.424000
sys 0.000000
138c1fa7c3f64186203b0192fb4abdb33cb4e98a  -

bionic/clang binary.

Even with AOSP building in the background, it took half a second on my laptop
and the timeout is 10x that.

> * Quite a few of the Alpine tests are failing as some of the tests depend upon
> privileges that are not available when running in a container. 

In which case what I need to do is set up this environment locally and reproduce
the issues so I can debug and fix them. If container privileges are breaking the
tests... I'd like to know more about that but am not 100% sure that isn't pilot
error? But I definitely want to reproduce it to understand the issue.

I should set up a "run test suite with the 3 toolchains I usually test with"
wrapper script...

And I agree that "macos regression test build" is not an environment I otherwise
have access to, and if github's going to offer that when nothing else does, I
need to figure out how to take advantage of that to at least make Elliott's life
easier. Not happy about it, trying to figure out least ugly way of doing it, but
you're right it needs to be done.


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