[Toybox] grep -o oddity

enh enh at google.com
Fri Feb 12 16:51:26 PST 2021

this doesn't work:

/tmp/toybox$ echo "a1234b" | grep -o [0-9]*
/tmp/toybox$ echo "a1234b" | ./toybox grep -o [0-9]*

but this does:

/tmp/toybox$ ./toybox grep -o version /proc/version

as does:

/tmp/toybox$ echo "1234b" | ./toybox grep -o [0-9]*

it seems wrong that there's arithmetic on rm_so/rm_eo before the call to
regexec0() (which will clobber both), and it does seem like the problem is
that we're not getting the right results in rm_so/rm_eo on exit from
regexec0(), but i failed to work out why...
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