[Toybox] patch: add built-in versions of sha-2 family hash functions

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Jun 4 04:26:39 PDT 2021

On 6/2/21 9:22 AM, Dan Brown wrote:
> Cool, thanks Rob. I look forward to learning from your changes. Let me know if
> there are other opportunities to help that fit within my modest capability.
> Dan

I wrote about the status of commands and the roadmap towards a native
development environment here:


What I'm currently personally working towards is the ability to run the toybox
tests under mkroot. Packaging them up is easy enough, I have a quick and dirty
scripts/root/tests that does:

  #!/bin/echo Try "scripts/mkroot.sh $0"

  cp -a .config scripts/ tests/ "$ROOT/root" &&
  echo "(cd /root && scripts/tests.sh)" > "$ROOT/etc/rc/tests" || exit 1

Yes it should just copy scripts/{test,runtest,portability}.sh and it should
probably chmod +x the rc script even though mkroot.sh init is doing:

  # Run package scripts (if any)
  [ -e /etc/rc ] && for i in $(echo /etc/rc/* | sort); do . $i; done

Anyway, getting the tests into the vm is the easy part. Getting toysh to the
point it can RUN them is harder. I'm well over halfway there, but there's
debugging to do.

I also want to get toybox to build with toysh, which means running
scripts/{make,install}.sh and a quick look says we're missing:

  X=$[X+1] # and the $((X+1)) form
  sed -o pipefail
  wait $!

I'm working on getting toysh finished enough to promote out of pending...


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