[Toybox] Instructional video.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Jan 14 20:43:34 PST 2022

On 1/13/22 2:29 PM, dmccunney wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 2:33 PM Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:
>> But yes, toysh is to the point where lack of command history is what's limiting
>> _me_ from using it more. So I'm poking at it. But $DAYJOB (since new year's I'm
>> back at https://coresemi.io working on an ASIC tapeout) is eating bandwidth.
>> (Not as much as the last place, but not "days of consecutive focus" territory
>> either...)
> NB; the link above doesn't resolve.  https://www.coresemi.io does.

Sigh. I keep poking the webmaster about stuff like this, but... alas, not my
area nor one I have access to.

Seriously, I've been poking them about getting the j-core mailing list fixed
AGAIN for multiple months. The problem isn't actually our server, it's that the
cloud service provider blocked port 25 outgoing so the listserv can't send mail
anymore, so the webmin can't fix it either, they need to migrate the VM instance
to another provider that lets us run our own mail server. It's on the todo list.
Meanwhile Jeff says nobody uses email anymore and we should have regular reddit
AMAs or something? I'm unclear on that but got tired of arguing about it...

> May we assume these folks are decently funded

Define "decently".

> and you'll get paychecks
> you can cash?

*shrug* I got paid this month. Enough to keep the lights on. And thus:


> ISTR that's been an issue at some previous $DAYJOBs...

I usually blog about this sort of thing
(https://landley.net/notes.html#05-01-2022) rather than talk about it much here.


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