[Toybox] Config.probed changed, run 'make oldconfig'

enh enh at google.com
Fri Jun 10 12:47:04 PDT 2022

i haven't updated in a week or two, but trying to update today, i hit this:

./post_update.sh .

-------- device

warning: using unfinished code from toys/pending
Library probe
Config.probed changed, run 'make oldconfig'

if i do that though...

rm -rf .config generated/ android/

function generate() {
  echo -e "\n-------- $1\n"

  # These are the only generated files we actually need.
  files="config.h flags.h globals.h help.h newtoys.h tags.h"

  cp .config-$which .config

  make oldconfig # added here

  NOBUILD=1 scripts/make.sh
  mkdir -p $out
  for f in $files; do cp generated/$f $out/$f ; done
  rm -rf .config generated/

  make allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=.config-$which

generate "device"
generate "linux"
generate "mac"

...i end up with incorrect configs. for example, despite

enh-p920.mtv:/new-ssd/aosp-master-with-phones/external/toybox$ grep -r
SHADOW .config-*
.config-device:# CONFIG_TOYBOX_SHADOW is not set
.config-linux:# CONFIG_TOYBOX_SHADOW is not set
.config-mac:# CONFIG_TOYBOX_SHADOW is not set

i end up with the wrong definition in my generated config.h files:

android/device/generated/config.h:#define CFG_TOYBOX_SHADOW 1
android/device/generated/config.h:#define USE_TOYBOX_SHADOW(...) __VA_ARGS__
android/mac/generated/config.h:#define CFG_TOYBOX_SHADOW 1
android/mac/generated/config.h:#define USE_TOYBOX_SHADOW(...) __VA_ARGS__
android/linux/generated/config.h:#define CFG_TOYBOX_SHADOW 1
android/linux/generated/config.h:#define USE_TOYBOX_SHADOW(...) __VA_ARGS__

on the other hand, if i disable the new check in scripts/make.sh

#[ "$A" != "$B" ] &&
#  { echo -e "\nConfig.probed changed, run 'make oldconfig'" >&2; exit 1;}

everything works again... what am i missing?

(i also don't understand why `make oldconfig` hassled me about
TOYBOX_FORCE_NOMMU until i added it to the .config files --- it doesn't
look like that actually does anything in practice?)
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