[Toybox] Linux From Scratch build.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Mar 24 10:11:39 PDT 2023

Here's a script that automates the first part of the Linux From Scratch 11.3
build (chapters 5 and 6, setting up the chroot) from
using the source packages available in one big tarball at

Way back when https://landley.net/aboriginal/about.html drove my busybox
development because I substituted in one busybox command at a time into the
$PATH used by the build until it was providing everything. Each time I could
compare the result (including each build's config.log file) to identify
everywhere it diverged from the previous build and fix it so the result was the

Last time I converted the LFS build from glibc to uClibc first, and this time
I'm doing musl, because glibc is just DEEPLY insane (and requires perl as a
build prerequisite).

This doesn't replace the test suite, but will probably add a lot of entries to it.

One thing I'm currently frowning at is that earlier LFS builds (back when all
this was chapter 5) put the entire temporary system in /tools to isolate it from
the host (so you could rm -rf /tools when you were done and know nothing built
on the host remained on the target0, but the new chapter 6 (still before the
chroot) is writing its output to the rest of the chroot already? (Why are they
doing _less_ isolation now?)

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