[Aboriginal] Opinions about reverting uClibc to cut a release?

Rob Landley rlandley at parallels.com
Thu Apr 14 13:03:28 PDT 2011

Getting uClibc-NPTL to work is going to take buckets of debugging (even
x86-64 doesn't work properly for me at the moment), and it's been too
long since the last release.  (Even if this next one hasn't got much in it.)

I could revert in two ways:

1) built the pthreads version of uClibc-NPTL, which is still a
significant regression but not as bad of one.  (I.E. some stuff works.)

2) revert back to uClibc-0.9.31 (resurrecting a half-dozen patches), and
then put uClibc-rc3 back after the release.

I'm leaning towards #1 since it's just a one line config change in
sources/baseconfig-uClibc, but it does mean that LFS doesn't build to
completion on any target anymore.  (I hate these "must step back to make
progress" situations, but switching from pthreads to NPTL is kind of
necessary long-term, and a heck of a lot of pain in the short-term
getting uClibc to pass this kidney stone...)


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