[Aboriginal] ulfs-bootstrap, shrinking LFS.

Rob Landley rlandley at parallels.com
Sat Apr 9 06:58:57 PDT 2011

On 04/09/2011 04:26 AM, David Seikel wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Apr 2011 19:21:05 -0500 Rob Landley <rlandley at parallels.com>
> wrote:
>> On 04/07/2011 04:36 PM, David Seikel wrote:
>>> Want me to send you the few BLFS scripts I made for my project?
>> Sure. :)
> Oops, forgot to mention.  The BLFS libjpeg page was last updated in
> 2007, the tarball links they provide no longer work, as the libjpeg
> people have moved on and did not keep the old version around.  So I
> had to bump it two versions.  sigh
> They also used a tarball filename that needed some massaging.  So here
> are the relevant bits out of the download script (munged by email
> proggy, but you can sort it out) -

Sigh.  I need to do something about the control image generation logic.
 It should be possible to make a new one in a self-contained way, and
the common infrastructure you draw from should be cleanly factored out.

Right now, most of it is in sources/control-images but it's not in a
unified format where listing that directory makes it obvious what the
list of control images _are_, or how to add a new one.  The common
infrastructure is partly in sources/include.sh, partly in
sources/download_functions.sh, partly in
sources/control-images/bootstrap-skeleton, and then there's

I do have a sources/control-images/bootstrap-skeleton/README file, but
who would notice that and it's still too complicated.

Right, time to factor this out and clean it up, and probably create a
new repository for it...



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