[Aboriginal] Aboriginal post from amimjf at sky.com requires approval

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Jul 3 09:29:52 PDT 2011

> Hi
> I recently stumbled across https://gitorious.org/qemu-m68k it actually
> looks like an active project. Maybe this will finally allow more
> complete m68k support in Aboriginal.

I have a copy of that repo here, but the last time I pulled it was 2009.

Good to know it's still active, though.  I can take a poke at it after I
figure out the current status of uClibc-0.9.32.



P.S. Last night I updated the unstable URL to .32 and did a
USE_UNSTABLE=uClibc more/buildall.sh and it died trying to build i686.
Yes, the x86 developers shipped a release that DID NOT COMPILE ON X86.
Sigh.  There's a fix in the uClibc repo, commit 8245f3b4638fdff2011c,
which I've grabbed and am rebuilding.  But this does NOT fill me with
confidence that the unrelated "does not build on x86_64" bug I'd hit on
-rc3 has been fixed.  Maybe I should do a perl removal pass on glibc,
except that would probably take a month...

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