[Aboriginal] Poking at uClibc 0.9.32.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Jul 6 05:16:29 PDT 2011

I added a new smoketest-report.sh recently, which produces CSV output I
can have a trivial python script turn into html from ye olde cron job.
Here's the result for buildall with .32:

Architecture,Smoketest,Control Image,Build Stage
armv4eb,FAIL,FAIL,system-image Packaging complete
armv4l,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
armv4tl,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
armv5l,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
armv6l,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
i486,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
i586,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
i686,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
m68k,FAIL,FAIL,simple-cross-compiler alt-uClibc
mips,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
mips64,FAIL,FAIL,system-image Packaging complete
mipsel,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
powerpc,FAIL,PASS,system-image Packaging complete
powerpc-440fp,FAIL,FAIL,simple-cross-compiler binutils
sh4,FAIL,FAIL,simple-cross-compiler alt-uClibc
sparc,FAIL,FAIL,simple-cross-compiler alt-uClibc
x86_64,PASS,PASS,system-image Packaging complete

The reason powerpc is "FAIL,PASS" is because of the funky serial
"overlapping input and output confuse the IRQ handler" bug.  I'm
pondering try to add netconsole support to QEMU, since it seems fairly


(I could also use busybox netcat since I wrote the implementations of it
I'm using, but having an external program for this is silly when it's
presumably not that hard for qemu to have a;6666 handler for
this that does input and output from stdin/stdout...)


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