[Aboriginal] Playing with other toolchains.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Jul 31 09:42:34 PDT 2011

A lot of projects seem to use the prebuilt binary toolchain from the
Code Sourcery first quarter 2009 armv7 release, so let's download that:


Next extract it and plug it into the build using the appropriate names:

cd aboriginal
tar xvjf ~/arm-2009q1*.tar.bz2
mkdir -p build/cross-compiler-armv7l/bin
for i in $(ls arm-2009q1/bin)
  RENAME="$(echo $i | sed 's/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/armv7l/')"
  ln -s ../../../arm-2009q1/bin/$i \
ln -s armv7l-gcc build/cross-compiler-armv7l/bin/armv7l-cc

Now let's slap together a quick and dirty config, changing the kernel's
V6 symbol for a V7 symbol:

  sed "s/V6/V7/" sources/targets/armv6l > sources/targets/armv7l

And let's try the build, using the existing toolchain:

  ./simple-root-filesystem.sh armv7l

Alright, let's try...

  qemu-arm build/simple-root-filesystem-armv7l/bin/ash

Woot, we get a shell.  Exit out of that, second question: would it work
dynamically linked?  (Remember, busybox static by default...)

  readelf -a build/simple-root-filesystem-armv7l/bin/hello-dynamic | \
    grep interpreter

And it says:

  [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/ld-linux.so.3]

  ls build/simple-root-filesystem-armv7l/lib/ld-linux.so.3

Well it's there.  Unfortunately, qemu-arm's -L is too fiddly to expect
much out of, and the -chroot option comes and goes (I submitted the
patch years ago, it was in there for a while, but I think you have to
enable it or soemthing).  So let's package it up for the muchy less
crappy system emulator:

  ./root-image.sh armv7l
  ./linux-kernel.sh armv7l
  ./system-image.sh armv7l

And the kernel build explodes.  At a guess, my versatile patch isn't
doing armv7 properly.  (Possibly I didn't bother to forward port that
since I had no way of building it.)

I need to grab a better linux-config.

Anybody else feel like playing with this?


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