[Aboriginal] Using filesystem images on real hardware

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jul 11 16:27:30 PDT 2011

On 07/11/2011 02:46 PM, Matthew J Fletcher wrote:
>> Having done a bunch of boards, there's some commmon infrastructure like
>> ext3 that they're all going to need, that's pretty much baseconfig.  I
>> got that by looking at the dozen or so miniconfigs I had at the time and
>> factoring out the common symbols.  It's really "what a kernel needs to
>> run an aboriginal linux system image under qemu".  A real hardware board
>> running jffs2 or something would need totally different symbols.
>> Rob
> Rob, thanks for the help.
> Ok so i start with the freescale 2.6.31 patched up sources with a
> imx25_3stack_defconfig for the board.


> So reading the FAQ i run 'make allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=filename',

That turns a miniconfig into a full .config.  The "filename" in that is
the miniconfig file.

> so i am guessing if filename is an input or an output ? well it does not
> produce a file called 'filename', and the '.config' created is for a
> x86_64 build which is my host.

You always have to specify ARCH= if you're cross compiling.  (That's
just how building the kernel works.)

> So i presume 'filename' is an input, so i pass it the filename of my
> defconfig. Humm, that created a '.config' file for x86_64 as well.

No, of your miniconfig.  This is what _consumes_ a miniconfig to create
a full config.  The "miniconfig.sh" script goes the other way, it's what
consumes a full config to create a miniconfig.

> Ok, i will replace '.config' with my defconfig and try again. 'cp
> imx25_3stack_defconfig .config', then do 'make allnoconfig
> KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=filename', humm its re-written my Arm defconfig to be
> x86_64 again.
> Not making much progress here. Whatever i do the 'make allnoconfig'
> seems to make a x86_64 '.config' file.

cd ~yourlinux

ARCH=arm ~/aboriginal/sources/toys/miniconfig.sh ~/yourdefconfig

~/aboriginal/sources/toys/filter.py ~/aboriginal/baseconfig-linux \
  mini.config > newsymbols.txt



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