[Aboriginal] Using native-build.sh for An Android native C compiler

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Jul 16 10:30:19 PDT 2011

On 07/16/2011 11:15 AM, Earlence Fernandes wrote:
>>Have you looked at tinycc? 
> Yes, but theres not much development going on there and theres a lack of
> support on the mailing lists.

My own experiences with it are summarized at

And just recently:

> As I said, I managed to build it around 35MB (is fine for me) and the
> basic "hello world" works on the device.


> I also patched in code for android that I need (like
> system_properties.c) (and it works)
> The only error I'm getting now is ->
> /data/local/tmp/narm/bin/../include/linux/netlink.h:40: error: expected
> specifier-qualifier-list before 'sa_family_t'
> gb.c: In function 'last_try':
> gb.c:310: error: 'struct sockaddr_nl' has no member named 'nl_family'
> gb.c:314: error: 'struct sockaddr_nl' has no member named 'nl_pid'
> gb.c: In function 'do_fault':
> gb.c:347: error: 'struct sockaddr_nl' has no member named 'nl_family'
> gb.c:351: error: 'struct sockaddr_nl' has no member named 'nl_pid'
> I suspect this is not android specific. Can you help me out here?

I believe our emails are crossing paths, so I'll go read your next
message now. :)

> -Earlence



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