[Aboriginal] [PATCH] Move i586 to virtio

Alessio Igor Bogani alessioigorbogani at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 06:49:21 PDT 2011


> The actual error line was cut out of your bug report,

Sorry for that.

> it was the attempt at tarball creation that failed.  I fixed it, and now i686-kvm is
> building for me when I haven't built the i686 base architecture target yet.

Great thanks!

> Still no idea if the resulting system image works for you...

I can build i686-kvm target on Ubuntu Natty 11.04 and Ubuntu Lucid
10.04.2 and execute it with the qemu shipped with these without any
problem. Unfortunately my KVM enabled system broke three days ago so
my test is made only on two systems which don't have that feature.
I'll test the new target on a KVM capable system as soon as possible.

In any case the i686-kvm image is faster than of the i686 one.

Thanks again!



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