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Robert Thompson robertt.thompson at gmail.com
Fri May 20 13:39:52 PDT 2011

>The down side is if you don't install the shared libraries on the host
>you won't be able to run the resulting binaries (unless they're
>statically linked), because the shared library loader location is
>hardwired into each binary as an absolute path, that's a limitation of
>the ELF spec.  You can specify a different location for it to hardwire
>in (export CCWRAP_DYNAMIC_LINKER=/blah/ld-uClibc.so.0), but that's not
>much of an improvement.

I don't know if it's useful to anybody, but PatchELF (
http://nixos.org/patchelf.html ) allows you to add, modify, and delete an
ELF executable's RPATH or interpreter path. Also, the old, unmaintained
chrpath (dead upstream, still available in Debian) allows you to modify the
RPATH, with some limitations.

I've found chrpath useful once or twice when I need to build stuff in an
environment where the libraries must be relocated as part of post-build
deployment, and PatchELF looks like it's a vast improvement over chrpath. I
haven't yet used it, though.
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