[Aboriginal] Musl libc is now MIT licensed.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon May 7 06:00:20 PDT 2012

The new musl 0.9.0 release is MIT licensed, meaning android can use it.
 I intend to provide a musl option here just like I'm working on a
toybox option, but probably not until _after_ the upcoming release with
the new uClibc version and the Fedora (probably really ccache) build
fix, and so on.

This weekend got totally eaten by the move to the new house, and now I
have to go back to work, but I hope to catch up soon. (If all else
fails, I have a week off starting memorial day.)

GNU/Linux isn't: Linux=GPLv2, GNU=GPLv3+, they can't share code.
Either it's "mere aggregation", or a license violation.  Pick one.

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