[Aboriginal] Dealing with distcc

John Spencer maillist-aboriginal at barfooze.de
Sun Oct 7 04:10:21 PDT 2012

Rob, i'm playing around with distcc support in aboriginal, but there 
doesnt seem to be any compiler activity on the host system, and 
compilation is creeping incredibly slowly.

only the qemu process itself is constantly using 100% cpu.

i've put the equivalent cross-compiler-xxx/bin dir in $PATH, then 
started ./dev-env.sh.

this script seems to set "CPUS" automatically to (physical cpus * 2).
why *2 ?

then there's another variable that could have an effect (you mentioned 
it on IRC once):
KERNEL_EXTRA. what is that for?

when qemu boots, it reports that distcc acceleration is enabled.
can this message be trusted ? isn't some additional service required on 
the host (e.g. starting a distcc service) ?

is there a way to debug if distcc on the host is called indeed ?

now to the qemu system: which flags should be used when building stuff ?
should i use make -j$NUMBER_OF_HOST_CPUS, or even CPUS*2, or make -j1 ?

please shed some light. thanks.

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