[Aboriginal] Aboriginal Digest, Vol 27, Issue 7

Isaac Dunham idunham at lavabit.com
Mon Apr 15 21:50:36 PDT 2013

On Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:30:35 -0700
aboriginal-request at lists.landley.net wrote:

> Hello
> I am struck in package shadow as it needs chmod -f. However chmod -f
> isn't yet implemented in toybox. So I just pushed it above in

Hmm...looks like it should be trivial to implement. In fact, it half-works to just make it a no-op: 

But for a full implementation, it would also take a few lines added to verror_msg or whatever is calling it...
one way that crosses my mind is to:
-add a variable (int toyquiet; in lib.h ?)
-set it conditionally:
toyquiet = (toys.optflags & FLAG_f);
-wrap everything in verror_msg() before the last line with an
if (!toyquiet) {

> baseconfig-busybox. However, it still had the same issue. On further
> search, I found that busybox is building chmod but toybox is
> overwriting it.
> Then it dawned that toybox doesn't parse baseconfig-busybox but rather
> does defconfig.

What about switching install order (if someone enables something in busybox, it becomes the default)?
> Is there a reason why it is done this way or such issue never came
> up??
> Should I just patch toybox to do chmod as default n ???
> There are points on both sides so I would like to get an opinion.
> prazzb

Isaac Dunham <idunham at lavabit.com>

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