[Aboriginal] Aboriginal PATH gets messed up

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Jan 13 07:11:42 PST 2013

On 01/13/2013 12:47:01 AM, chase rayfield wrote:
> Hey Rob,
> I attempted to build Aboriginal just now and I get
> ./download.sh: line 10: mkdir: command not found

Wild guess: you ran more/record-commands.sh then deleted build/host but  
build/record-commands ? (The logic for figuring out what the  
record-commands wrapper hands off to is still a bit brittle.)

If not, did you build via build.sh or via more/buildall.sh? (Let's see,  
clean pull, ./build.sh i686, and... that's going to take a while on  
this netbook.)

> if I echo the $PATH just before inside dienow() I only get  
> /root/aboriginal/build/host rather than  
> /usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-bin/4.6.3:/opt/nvidia-cg-toolkit/bin

A) You don't need to build as root, it should work fine as a normal  

B) The point of host-tools.sh is to setup build/host with known  
versions of everything the build needs, and then the rest of the build  
restricts the $PATH to that if it's there. Sounds like it's setting it  
up wrong. Let's see...

(The build can skip the host-tools.sh stage. Either comment it out in  
build.sh or run the stages yourself by hand skipping that one. But that  
doesn't fix the problem, host-tools _should_ be creating a good  
build/host directory...)

> I attempted to figure out what the problem was but couldn't find  
> anything in the
> utility_functions.sh that was broken... perhaps you have some  
> suggestions or have a
> better idea about the problem.

It's finished host-tools.sh here and is grinding away at binutils. I  
just stopped it and re-ran download.sh and it's happy.

> I'm on funtoo curently switching from gentoo so I may have some  
> configuration issue
> but I haven't noticed anything elsewhere.

What are the steps you used to reproduce this? Are you building the  
latest release version or a mercurial pull? Have you built in that  
directory before, or does it do it on your first attempt in a clean  

I'm happy to debug anything I can reproduce, but I need more info to  
reproduce this...

> I switched since I got a nice little quad
> core netbook sized laptop :) Sager NP6110... 16Gb ram should work  
> great for testing
> stuff out. I mention it since you seem to enjoy that size factor but  
> not the
> customary loss in performance it did hurt the wallet a bit more  
> though X.x.

Sounds like a nice machine. I've built under funtoo before, but it was  
a while ago.

> I might get back around to testing sparc kernels if I have time....  
> someone just sent
> me a 150Mhz Hypersparc and a bunch of ram for my SS-10 so that should  
> go swimmingly.

Ooh, very nice.

I was looking up sparc64 a while ago and it's another one like powerpc  
64 where they didn't bother to do a 64 bit userspace, just 64 bit  
kernels and the very occasional application. Thus I'm not quite sure  
how to add Aboriginal support to it. (Just a toolchain? Toolchain and  
kernel using the 32 bit userspace? Except how would you build the  
"occasional" 64 bit application? Where does libc enter into this?)


Then again, I'm told that's changing because gcc is dropping sparc32  


(Of course current gcc requires a C++ compiler on the host to build it,  
so here's hoping clang/pcc/open64 matures quickly.)


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