[Aboriginal] Status.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jan 28 04:42:06 PST 2013

I'm aware the new toybox cp broke root-filesystem.sh because the "yes n  
| cp -i" bit isn't working right, so native builds don't work right  
now. I didn't get a chance to fix it this weekend because I moved into  
my new apartment in minnesota (6 month contract) but possibly this  

I'm pondering just checking in the perl removal patch update, which  
requires a 3.8-rc to build. Since I removed the alt- infrastructure  
this is trivial to do in local development branches via a fork or just  
having two checkouts, but when I want to refer to stuff in the main  
repo it gets weird. (Not as convenient internet access here, harder to  
shuffle stuff from machine to machine.) In general, sitting on a change  
waiting for an upstream dependency package to release its final version  
is... fiddly.

In general I'm on course to cut a release shortly after the next kernel  
drops. I started testing this time during the -rc2 timeframe and I  
think I've got most of the obvious stuff out of the way. There's a new  
busybox release I should grab, that needs testing, but shouldn't break  
too much and is reasonable to bisect if it does...


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