[Aboriginal] Replacing bash with mksh

Niklas Larsson metaniklas at gmail.com
Fri May 31 01:00:09 PDT 2013

Another nice thing with mksh is that it's the default shell in Android since Ice cream sandwich.

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Ämne: [Aboriginal] Replacing bash with mksh

Hi everyone,

Just for fun (and to see how everything works) I've patched the build
scripts and successfully built the Aboriginal images with mksh instead
of bash. Because we can, and because bash 2 is so old and crufty.

mksh is the MirBSD Korn Shell ( https://www.mirbsd.org/mksh.htm ), it
has an active upstream, a nice license and has proven portability to
lots of weird architectures and operating systems.

The attached patch shows some not-so-good assumptions in the package
name and version handling. Took me a while to figure out why the tarball
was "not found" :)
And I disabled distcc building because I had some really weird build
failures that I haven't tracked down yet.

Have fun,

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