[Aboriginal] status report llvm on aboriginal

Samuel Holland samuel at sholland.net
Sat Nov 30 10:37:31 PST 2013

Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:
>The problem with libstdc++ is that it's part of the gcc source. It's  
>not a standalone package. And it does NOT like to cross-compile, nor is
>it really happy building against anything except glibc. (I've fought  
>against it before. Not recently, but it was annoying at the time...)
>> I'll continue hacking llvm/clang on it (during the rest of the night)
>> but
>> will use tarballs as opposed to git.
>What do you need cmake for? (The llvm build?)
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Of course I realize you don't like the new GPL3 gcc versions, but in 4.8+ (and any future 4.7 releases), libstdc++ can be built independently. The latest LFS book does it gcc->libc->libstdc++

It also builds and works fine against the latest musl release, both cross-compiled and pseudo-natively (--build). I've been automating a static-musl-LFS bootstrap using pacman (https://github.com/smaeul/starch), and the only issue so far has been gcc autohell.

cmake is required for libcxxrt/libc++. LLVM itself works with autotools. cmake can also be bootstrapped with autotools.


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