[Aboriginal] Poking at a release.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Apr 17 06:24:46 PDT 2014

Doing the basic "build with current toybox, rebuild with new kernel,
rebuilds itself" stuff for a release. Last night I thought "I can update
the static images on busybox.net for 1.21.1 without having to actually
have the release ready", and that's how I found out busybox 1.21.1's
defconfig won't build if busybox "tr" is in the $PATH. (I'd say "the
current version of busybox tr" but it apparently hasn't been modified
since 2011. Yet if busybox needs to figure out whether to include libm,
it can't do so with its own tr. I'd besect it to the commit that screwed
up the libm determination, but I really don't care.)

Aboriginal's default config doesn't use busybox defconfig (and none of
the enabled commands require libm, which is why I hadn't noticed before
now), but I think I need to write a toybox tr to do a release with. It's
the principle of the thing: the correct fix is to write a tr that works
for this package build.

I know there's a half-dozen pending items in the list archives I haven't
merged yet (and some emails off list), I need to go through all that too.

But at least I finally got that powerpc kernel build break fixed...


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