[Aboriginal] powerpc and 3.13

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Feb 1 20:16:30 PST 2014

On 02/01/14 09:00, milto57 at attglobal.net wrote:
> Rob, for some reason your compiler is not defining
> __APPLE_ALTIVEC__  and therefore gcc include
> <altivec.h> is doing #define bool unsigned which
> the kernel doesn't like.

Because that was added in git commit 897685771140 in 2008, and the last 
GPLv2 version of gcc was git c473c074663d in July 2007.

> I confirmed the debian powerpc native compiler
> sets this flag with -maltivec which is on that
> raid file.
> Hope that helps you track down the issue.

The issue is that I need to migrate aboriginal to ellcc, but my day job 
is taking 90% of my energy, Toybox is getting about 9%, and what's left 
is split between kernel documentation (which I'm totally dropping the 
ball on) and aboriginal (ditto).

But in the meantime I can try to work around this. Thanks for the help 
tracking it down. I suspected something like that, but hadn't spent the 
time to identify it yet.


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