[Aboriginal] dev-environment.sh depends on gnu coreutils

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Mar 2 09:36:24 PST 2014

On 02/28/14 09:02, John Spencer wrote:
> on my busybox install (sabotage linux):
> ~/qemu/system-image-sh4 $ HDBMEGS=2048 ./dev-environment.sh
> ./dev-environment.sh: line 44: truncate: command not found

It's been in toybox since 2011:


I've been losing track of what busybox does or doesn't have, I pretty
much only use the busybox-baseconfig non-toybox subset these days.

> i suspect there's a portable command that could be used instead, for
> example
> dd if=/dev/zero of="$imagefile" bs=1 count=0 seek="$imagesize"
> creates a spare file of the required size in 0.0 seconds.

It used to be using that:


Feel free to locally revert that patch, but the proper fix is either for
busybox to implement truncate or for me to finish toybox. :)


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