[Aboriginal] testing on a variety of platforms

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Nov 20 09:10:05 PST 2014

On 11/14/14 09:16, James McMechan wrote:
> compile results from my current test setup
> unless I messed up these were all built from the aboriginal-1.2.9.tar.bz2
> with no changes to the config

Sorry for the delay, I cut a toybox release last night and now I'm
working on an aboriginal linux release using it, aimed at the end of the
month. (Trying to catch up with the kernel before _they_ get another
release out and I fall further behind...)

> host x86_64 armv6 armv5 ppc SPARC
> target
> armv4eb F       F       F      F     F
> armv4l    S       F       F      F     F
> armv4tl   S       S       F      F     F
> armv5l    S       S       F      F     F
> armv6l    S       S       F      F     F
> i486       S       S       S      F     F
> i586       S       S       S      F     F
> i686       S       S       S      F     F
> m68k     S       S       S      S     S
> mips      S       F       F      S     S
> mips64  S       F       F      S     S
> mipsel   S       S       S      S     S
> powerpc S       F       F      S     S
> sh4       S       S       S      S     S
> sparc    S       F       F      S     S
> x86_64  S       F       F      S     S

It looks like many of them are actually the same error. I'll try to take
a look this weekend.

> What I find interesting is that the only archs that compile consistantly are
> m68k, mipsel, sh4 needless to say these are not what I would call the

I not that m68k is _now_working_, at least with Laurent Vivier's
qemu-m68k fork in the q800 branch. (Not sure I've checked the changes in
yet, but... working on it.)

Alas, it's a bit like sh4 in that it only has 128 megs of ram instead of
256, so if you try to build linux from scratch under it the ./configure
stage triggers the OOM killer. (I should extend the init script to set
up a swap file if there isn't enough memory...)

Thanks for the heads up, I'm not ignoring you just juggling many balls.



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