[Aboriginal] Coming up on another release...

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Oct 5 22:41:22 PDT 2014

So, toybox 0.5.0 and linxu 3.17 are both out, and they're in the repo
and building a test thing right now.

Still haven't gotten the toolchain tweaked to fix the musl dynamic
linking issue, but I hope to find some time for it this week.

Also, I might want to make an external toolchain building project that
does newer toolchains. I wouldn't distribute binaries of those (GPLv3 is
a proprietary license I don't want to get on me) but buildroot
deprecated and _removed_ its native toolchain code, and crosstool-ng
apparently decided not to go there, and aboriginal needs BOTH cross and
native toolchains to do its thing, so...

I'd still love to see ellcc do this, but last time I poked at it the
static binaries were leaking all sorts of host toolchain bits (their
llvm binary was calling the _host_ ld out of the $PATH, it was just sad...)

Quite possibly it's improved since. Dunno. I'd love if somebody else did
this or me, but in the absence of somebody stepping up and doing it...



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