[Aboriginal] Oy I am behind.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Aug 26 00:40:38 PDT 2015

Last week got eaten by speaking at three different conferences
(linuxcon, plumber's, texas linuxfest). This week I'm catching up from
the dayjob stuff I didn't do from that.

That said, an -rc8 kernel is out and I"m now way further behind than I'm
comfortable with. I don't want to skip kernel versions, but I may have a
couple releases back to back just to catch up.

Still pending mips, sparc, and x86 issues. But I figured out what broke
x86: switching to NPTL this spring made distcc hang (thanks uclibc!) and
switching from distcc to native build exposed the imprecise floating
point emulation in qemu-system-x86_64 that breaks the perl built with a
"not comparing equal to zero" test failure leading to that unrecognized
version thing.

And that's on top of the nommu support stuff I've been doing for $DAYJOB...


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