[Aboriginal] QEMU Manager

Patrick Lauer patrick at gentoo.org
Sat May 30 20:34:11 PDT 2015

On Saturday 30 May 2015 14:50:17 Blibbet wrote:
> You might try Qboot, a new alternative x86 firmware for QEMU, that
> speeds up boot time.
> https://github.com/bonzini/qboot
> http://firmwaresecurity.com/2015/05/25/qboot-new-x86-firmware-for-qemu/

I've started playing around with that, the biggest change in startup time 
comes from a statically built qemu. Documentation is wobbly, I had to do a few 
little changes. The firmware itself removes quite a bit of startup time too.
On Linux I'm down from ~800msec for qemu-kvm startup to about 250msec or so, 
still testing and tuning.

Custom linux kernel (stripped to minimum) takes about 180msec until userspace

... and stripped down userspace takes about 250msec until sshd is alive and 
responding. So all in all just under a second to start a VM, do some trivial 
work and stop it.

We're getting close to the point where I could start a VM for every single 
http request and still be faster than mediawiki!

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