[Aboriginal] Using aboriginal as a bare-bones linux install

Laurent Bercot ska-devel at skarnet.org
Tue Nov 3 02:43:50 PST 2015

On 03/11/2015 08:53, Rob Landley wrote:
> Meanwhile the normal gcc front-end is mostly just a wrapper: it calls
> "cpp" to do preprocessing, calls "cc1" to do compiling, and calls either
> collect2 or ld to do linking. In theory, I could expand ccwrap to
> completely replace this front end and call the other tools directly.
> (I'm over halfway there already, most of what ccwrap.c does is take
> decisions AWAY from gcc, making them explicit.)

  Whenever you get to it, please add a runtime option / configuration
variable / something to ccwrap so that it can use a different musl
from the one you're providing (which is currently hardcoded).
  musl evolves faster than Aboriginal toolchains, and I'd like to be
able to use Aboriginal toolchains directly to link stuff against my
current version of musl. Right now, in order to do that, I have to
ignore ccwrap and make my own wrappers to call rawcc, so I lose all
the functionality you can add to ccwrap.

  If what I want cannot be achieved without some degree of leakage
(which is probably the reason why you used such a big hammer in ccwrap
in the first place), then I'm okay with some degree of leakage when
the option is used, since I'm only using
  *  the precompiled toolchains
  * on glibc-less systems.
  Flexibility is more important to me than perfect relocatability here.



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