[Aboriginal] system-images 1.4.2: od is broken; bzip2 is missing

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 6 08:50:11 PDT 2015

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 6:02 AM, Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:
>> I noticed that system images no longer have bzip2.
>> I think it was removed in an effort to reduce the number of tools
>> necessary to the bare minimum?
>> Maybe it's worth it. But just FYI, this did add another wrinkle to my use case.
> Could you describe your use case a little more?



How to test build using Aboriginal Linux system images.

* Put a source tree into hdc.dir/.
For example, this should work:
git clone git://busybox.net/var/lib/git/busybox.git

* Run ./make-hdc-img.sh: it will generate ext2 image file,
hdc.img, from hdc.dir/* data. This requires root for loop mount.

* Download and unpack, or build from source and unpack
one or more system-image-ARCH directories into this directory
(the one which contains this README).

* Run: ./parallel-build-hdc-img.sh system-image-DIR1 system-image-DIR2...
(background it if you don't want to see "Waiting to finish" thing).
This runs build in several qemu virtual machines in parallel.

* Observe system-image-*.log file(s) with growing log of the build.

Now look in hdc.dir/build:

       make defconfig
        # Want static build
        sed 's/^.*CONFIG_STATIC.*$/CONFIG_STATIC=y/' -i .config
        bzip2 </dev/null >/dev/null || {
                # Drats, newer Aboriginal Linux has no bzip2
                sed 's/^.*CONFIG_FEATURE_COMPRESS_USAGE.*$/#
CONFIG_FEATURE_COMPRESS_USAGE is not set/' -i .config
        # These won't build because of toolchain/libc breakage:
        sed 's/^.*CONFIG_FEATURE_SYNC_FANCY.*$/#
CONFIG_FEATURE_SYNC_FANCY is not set/' -i .config # no syncfs()
        sed 's/^.*CONFIG_FEATURE_WTMP.*$/# CONFIG_FEATURE_WTMP is not
set/' -i .config
        sed 's/^.*CONFIG_FEATURE_UTMP.*$/# CONFIG_FEATURE_UTMP is not
set/' -i .config
        sed 's/^.*CONFIG_FEATURE_INETD_RPC.*$/#
CONFIG_FEATURE_INETD_RPC is not set/' -i .config

As you see, I have to unset CONFIG_FEATURE_COMPRESS_USAGE
because it requires bzip2.

> I note that the x86-64 target has switched over to musl by default, and
> other targets are likely to do the same in upcoming releases. I'm slowly
> weaning off uClibc because it's dead.

I know.
This broke only two applets in bbox (now worked around in bbox git),
and three FEATURE configs had to be switched off.

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