[Aboriginal] system-images, 1.4.2: od is broken; bzip2 is missing

lamiaworks lamiaworks at skymesh.com.au
Tue Oct 6 21:49:19 PDT 2015

>> I noticed that system images no longer have bzip2.
>> I think it was removed in an effort to reduce the number of tools
>> necessary to the bare minimum?
> Yup. Aboriginal itself switched to gzip compression, and the Linux From
> Scratch build doesn't use it either. (Dunno about the 7.7 update I'm
> doing, not finished yet.)
> I plan to include gzip compression support to toybox (it's halfway
> written, actually). I've decided not to implement bzip2 compression side
> (even though I wrote half of it way back when) because the archive
> format is falling out of use. (For example the kernel switched from bz2
> to xz archives.)
> I might include xz compression side support at some point, but that's
> large and fiddly and not a priority for 1.0.

um..., any chance of leaving bz2 in for now at least Rob as those of us 
working with T2 which still uses it (pretty please), at least until xz 
is in.


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