[Aboriginal] Unable to use gcc inside chroot of latest aboriginal.

KARBOWSKI Piotr piotr.karbowski at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 01:55:32 PST 2016

On 01/17/2016 10:29 AM, KARBOWSKI Piotr wrote:
> Seems kind of like broken toybox to me. Anything that is symlinked to
> toybox does not work here, I mean, it prints the very same help/error
> output, looks like its `strings`.

Okey, I wasn't running cp with -n, which was resulting in overwritting 
the strings symlink with strings binary, which was actually overwritting 
the toybox binary with strings...

So yeah, running chroot ./foo /sbin/init.sh gives me working gcc.

Btw, exiting from the 'chroot ./foo /sbin/init.sh' somehow breaks my 
host's /dev/pts and I am no longer able to spawn any terminal...	

-- Piotr.


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