[Aboriginal] Proposed patches to support modern toolchain

Tristan Van Berkom tristan.vanberkom at codethink.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 06:20:05 PST 2016


It seems there was an error with the last patchset and I had not
handled the case of dual-patchset-for-same-package-name properly, so
the regular GPLv2 only toolchain was failing to build because of this.

I am attaching another tarball which fixes this problem, so this time
you can really build either toolchain without issue.

Also pushed a 'patches-v2' branch to the github in case you want to
view the patchset easily online (or try it out), they can be seen


Note: This entire branch is exactly the patchset, not the previous
patchset with additional patches over patches - also, note that this
github was put online for the sole purpose of sharing this work easily
at this stage.

Also, I did something embarrassing in the last email and contradicted
myself, so for posterity I will clarify that here:

On Thu, 2016-01-21 at 00:00 +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Overview how we build GCC 5.3 compared to 4.2.1
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   o GCC's new dependencies, GMP, MPC and MPFR are build directly in
> the
>     gcc build directory, this makes the whole build script a little
>     simpler because we dont have to care about configuring and
> staging
>     these libraries by hand as they are build as GCC modules.
>     To avoid building these twice, we install it the first time
> around
>     before building libc and pass --with-gmp etc on the second pass.

This is untrue, I tried this but it failed and I forgot to remove this
from my own notes.

>     The downside is that since we necessarily build GCC twice in the
>     simple-cross-compiler stage (where a libc is required to build
> C++
>     support in the second pass), we end up building these libraries
>     twice as well.
>     I have tried issuing a make -C ${subdir} install in the first
> pass
>     and reusing them in the second pass by passing --with-gmp etc
>     during that second pass, and while this satisfies the configure
>     script it also breaks the build for some reason.
>     It could be the only sane fix is to build them completely
>     separately.

This part, which contradicts the first, is of course true :)

Sorry for that confusion.

Best Regards,
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