[Aboriginal] Hello world.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Jul 10 10:59:16 PDT 2016

On 07/09/2016 05:43 AM, KARBOWSKI Piotr wrote:
>> Long term I'd still like to get llvm working, but that's a bigger jump
>> and still hasn't got a @*%(&# binutils replacement (which is what's
>> BREAKING more often than gcc is).
> If you do not wish to distribute GPLv3 binaries anywhere and you want to
> switch to this cross env, it means it will be not possible to do any
> build inside of the booted Aboriginal image. I would not like that.
> Right now I can combine the native-compiler with root-filesystem and it
> is great to be able to.

Well, two things:

1) You can still build them yourself from source, I just wouldn't
distribute prebuilt binaries.

2) Remember that I put the old simple-root-filesystem stuff into
initramfs last year, and the toolchain now lives by itself in its own
squashfs attached to /dev/hda (which is added to the $PATH by the init

So if Rich wanted to host the right format of squashfs files, you could
wget that and drop it into the system-image directory and it should
"just work". (By which I mean I'd test it each release and make sure it
worked. :)

Haven't asked Rich about this yet, but worst case scenario I could make
a shell script that repackages his toolchain binaries into the squashfs
layout my thing needs, so if he does distribute any toolchain binaries
you can just grab those and run the script on them.

I'm doing my best to work around the FSF's damage. That's pretty much
been the past decade for me...

> -- Piotr.


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