[Aboriginal] how to use BUILD again

James McMechan james.w.mcmechan at gmail.com
Sat May 28 11:20:57 PDT 2016

I was playing around and did get the BUILD variable to work.
it appears that the export in config must have a full path for it to work
export BUILD=/home/mcmechan/Downloads/aboriginal-1.4.5/jim
export BUILD=$PWD/jim
will build all of the files under ./jim rather than ./build

For some reason I am not quite understanding how the interaction between
the two locations where build is set - is supposed to work.


build.sh: [ -z "$BUILD" ] && BUILD="build"

but the config file does not have $TOP set so I ending up using $PWD
instead rather than hardcodeing the full path.

Is build.sh supposed to source sources/variables.sh after sourceing config?
or source sources/include.sh?
At the moment BUILD is set two different ways in two different files so it
may be a future maintenance issue.

Anyway it is working for me.

Jim McMechan
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