[Aboriginal] musl-cross-make.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Sep 3 00:14:57 PDT 2016

I've gotten a basic build happening using
https://github.com/richfelker/musl-cross-make as an externally supplied
toolchain, and the result booted to a shell prompt!

Now I'm trying to get it to include as a native compiler, and there's
the problem that native-compiler.sh is actually two things:

1) the old gplv2 native compiler packages

2) make, bash, and distcc

3) The mounting glue script.

The new stuff should be able to replace part 1.

For part 2 I still need make and bash to be able to build anything
nontrivial: busybox hush isn't a replacement, busybox ash doesn't build
on nommu, and toysh isn't there yet. And distcc lets emulated builds
access not just the speed of a host compiler, but SMP. (There's some
work to finally make qemu multi-threaded, and it's maybe halfway there.
lwn.net covered it recently.)

Part 3, maybe I can move the script to the host. The point of having it
in the image was so that the IMAGE knows how to splice itself into the
host, but I can basically do a "cp -rFs /usr/overlay/. /".

The OTHER thing it was doing was putting the "Press any key for command
line" and running automated build stuff in the tools partition, not the
root filesystem."

Sigh. Maybe if Rich provides tarballs I can have a repackage.sh that
turns it into a squashfs. Except I don't want to require mksquashfs to
exist on the target in order to use the... grrrrr.

These are the design issues that eat cycles. Not the "how do you make it
work" things, the how do you make it CLEAN things...


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