[Toybox] toybox - beastiebox - sbase

Jens Staal staal1978 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 07:54:51 PST 2011

On 11/16/11 15:31, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 11/15/2011 05:11 AM, Jens Staal wrote:
>> Now with the relicensing to BSD rather than aiming for a merge with
>> busybox,
> I note that the BSD license doesn't prevent busybox from using my code,
> not that they were before without a crowbar and some handholding...
>> would it be interesting to pull in some code from similar
>> projects like beastiebox (http://beastiebox.sourceforge.net/) or sbase
>> (http://hg.suckless.org/sbase/)?
> Maybe?  This is the first I've heard of either one.  (Does the second
> have a web page?)

I think it is a hobby project by one in the suckless.org community.
The closest to a webpage would probably be following the mailing list 
thread starting from this message:


> I have a large "low hanging fruit" list of commands I've already worked
> out more or less how I want to implement.  (Some because implementation
> is obvious, some because I already implemented that in busybox and can
> port my old implementation to my new framework.)  I've also got a
> tarball of the android toolbox source (fairly useless), and over the
> years I _have_ read through every command in busybox more than once, and
> am vaguely familiar with what it's doing.
I am not doubting that you are capable of it, just that it might be 
interesting with some independent inspiration sometimes :)

About the Android toolbox: That sounds very interesting! I have been 
playing with trying to get the bionic libc to work on normal linux with 
rather disappointing results up until now. I did however just find this 
github mirror of Android where the different parts seem nicely sepparated.
so I might try to build bionic again using that repo.

I do not see the "toolbox" in any of the repos. I have not been looking 
that much however, but would be interesting to check it out.


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