[Toybox] [landley/toybox] xargs: exec ... Argument list too long (#40)

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Aug 10 11:28:58 PDT 2016

On 08/10/2016 07:44 AM, Matthias Urhahn wrote:
> On some Android devices (N5 at 6.0) using a chain of |find .... | xargs
> .... stat ....|, yields the error |Argument list too long|.
> Some googlfu shows that this is likely related to the argument exceeding
> the kernels ARG_MAX value.
> Androids ARG_MAX according to this 131072
> <https://github.com/android/platform_bionic/blob/master/libc/kernel/uapi/linux/limits.h>.

The Linux kernel removed that limit in 2007
went into the 2.6.22 release).

That said, let's cd to a directory with a lot of files in it:

  $ find . | wc
    68971   69024 3159459
  $ find . | toybox xargs echo
  xargs: exec echo: Argument list too long

And I'm seeing a limit here too. Hmmm...

> Manually limiting the xargs argument length using |-s bytes| fixes this
> for me.

The kernel should not be enforcing this? Maybe something else is? There
isn't an obvious ulimit for this... Ah, in include/uapi/linux/limits.h:

  #define ARG_MAX    131072 /* # bytes of args + environ for exec() */

And that's used in fs/exec.c:

   * We've historically supported up to 32 pages (ARG_MAX)
   * of argument strings even with small stacks
  if (size <= ARG_MAX)
    return page;

   * Limit to 1/4-th the stack size for the argv+env strings.
   * This ensures that:
   *  - the remaining binfmt code will not run out of stack space,
   *  - the program will have a reasonable amount of stack left
   *    to work from.
  rlim = current->signal->rlim;
  if (size > ACCESS_ONCE(rlim[RLIMIT_STACK].rlim_cur) / 4) {
    return NULL;

Ok, so that's still there as a MINIMUM, and the maximum is 1/4 the
current stack size ulimit. According to ulimit -s that defaults to 8192
kilobytes (at least on xubuntu 14.04), so 1/4 of 8 megs is 2 megs. And...

  $ find . | head -n 40000 | wc
    40000   40002 1853620
  $ find . | head -n 40000 | toybox xargs echo | wc
        1   40002 1853620

Yup, the _actual_ default limit is way more than 131072, and that
default is arbitrarily adjustable even for normal users:

  $ ulimit -Hs
  $ ulimit -s 9999999
  $ find . | toybox xargs echo | wc
        1   69023 3159436

(Huh, what happens if I set the stack size limit to _less_ than 131072
and then try to exec stuff? Not trying it on my work netbook just now,

> I've looked at the code for xarg in toybox but could not figure out yet
> how the max argument length is determined.

It didn't enforce a default maximum length limit because as far as I
knew the kernel hadn't required one for 9 years. I worked out the math
for enforcing such a limit back when I first did xargs:


So it's not hard to add a default, but what the default should be isn't
obvious. Back when I noticed the kernel had changed its logic I
_checked_ that I could feed it more than 131072 bytes, and I could, so I
removed the limit. (Not just from xargs, but from find in commit
aa784b09a9fb and possibly elsewhere.)

> Busybox doesn't seem to run into this issue using the same command on
> the same device. Busybox seems to have some sanity checks
> <https://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/findutils/xargs.c#n529>, adjusting
> the argument length if necessary.

The sanity checks are there (-s is implemented), toybox just doesn't
have a default value if you don't specify one.

> Could there be an issue with how toybox's |xarg| determines the default
> argument length on Android?

See above.

There's a sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX), which does appear to be calculating this
properly (at least built against glibc, musl is giving me 131072 and I
still haven't got a host bionic toolchain because building bionic
outside of AOSP was nontrivial when I looked at it).

Oh well, use the sysconf and then file a bug against musl. (Elliott will
probably notice this, and if not he'll notice the commit.)

Thanks for the heads up,


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