[Toybox] Fwd: hexedit uses VT-420 scroll ctrl sequences which dont work on tty1

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Sep 30 10:18:58 PDT 2019

On 9/26/19 10:33 AM, David Seikel wrote:
>> I started using screen on the sunos workstations at Rutgers in 1992.
>> I've never used tmux. This is the first I've heard they're different?
> Admittedly it's been some time since I switched from screen to tmux.

I was planning to implement screen, not tmux.

> I've just done some reading now, and it looks as if they are now a bit
> more similar in features.  When I switched some of the differences
> where important enough to me that I did switch.
> https://wtanaka.com/node/8136?utm_source=linuxnewssite.com is the best
> I found after a quick search, that shows the basic differences.
> I mentioned above that tmux allows scripting.  Robert Thompson pointed
> out -

I've never used "scripting" in screen and thus wouldn't miss it, so I hadn't
planned on implementing it. I can ssh into stuff or run netcat server mode or do
similar disgusting things whenever I want to run a thing in a context...

That said, if I go "I'm going to implement a week of work" and people jump up
and say "make sure you include another 2 months of work you didn't know about" I
tend to go "oh, I guess I didn't understand this problem space, I guess it _is_
outside of scope for toybox" and either remove it from or flush it to the bottom
of the todo list.

(In this case flush it to the bottom of because probably half the reason I feel
this way about it is I'm up to my eyeballs in $DAYJOB work right now and
disinclined to take on more in a hobby context right now. I _know_ travel and
working through the weekend has made me irritable.)

> Which isn't really the same thing.  The scripting I was talking about
> is where you can

> I've not been able to find out much about modern screen mouse support,

Because it's not worth doing without mouse support. Got it.

> There are naturally lots of little differences,

You've convinced me not to do it at all.

> BTW OpenSim is a 3D virtual world, an open source fork of Second Life.

That's not going into toybox either.


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